What If Buildings Had a Brain?

The ability to reason, intuit and contextualize information — then use that information to develop plans and take action?

With the EcoEnergy Insights CORTIX™ platform combining artificial intelligence and IoT connectivity with the knowledge of domain experts, it's all possible, in all types of buildings, facilities and energy-consuming infrastructure.

Evolved from years of expertise and analysis of varied building, site and equipment data, The CORTIX platform is an advanced artificial intelligence and IoT platform used by skilled analysts that focuses on strategies to reduce operational costs, improve occupant comfort and safety, and inform smart equipment selections and upgrades. The CORTIX platform treats every type of building or facility — and spaces within those sites — differently, enabling enhanced connectivity and contextualizing data so that analysts can provide you with precise and actionable insights.

From retail stores to schools to hotels to high rises, the CORTIX platform is the platform for intelligence and smarter results

Reduce Operational Costs

The CORTIX platform identifies actions that not only reduce costs through greater efficiency, but help improve bottom lines by streamlining workflows, reducing staff burdens and enhancing productivity.

Increase Efficiency & Performance

From lighting to heating, ventilating and air conditioning, to a number of other building systems, the CORTIX platform uses IoT connectivity to track performance data and trends, then contextualizes that information and provides advanced insights to users to drive optimal performance and efficiency.

Improve Occupant Experiences

While the CORTIX platform supports decisions that deliver greater efficiencies, in turn it can also help reduce costs. The platform was also designed with an understanding that the most important aspect of any site is the people inside. From optimal comfort and air quality to greater security and access, the CORTIX platform helps.

Enhance Safety & Security

Whether it’s advanced alarm analytics to inform enhanced access control and security strategies, or using data to help manage food safety concerns, the CORTIX platform is here to help.

Intelligence For All

CORTIX for Enterprises

For enterprises and facility managers at all types of sites, the CORTIX platform delivers a range of strategies designed to increase the comfort and safety of occupants, to enhance equipment and operational efficiency and to increase visibility and connectivity across sites. And beyond the intelligence of the platform itself, enterprise customers have access to the expertise of our data analysts to help get the most of it and turn insights into results.

CORTIX for Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEMs can use the CORTIX platform to bring new capabilities to existing products and technologies — and offering more services and features to customers. The platform can be used to make equipment more connected and intelligent, and can aid in research and product development to optimize products before they even hit the market.

CORTIX for Facility Management Service Providers

The CORTIX platform can assist facility management providers in offering cloud-enabled services to customers at scale. Through the insights provided by the CORTIX platform, facility managers can offer proactive services to their customers to drive operational excellence. The platform can also enable facility managers to reduce operational costs and manage data associated with energy use requirements.

With more brains, more features and more possibilities, the CORTIX platform is designed to meet unique business needs


The CORTIX platform can process data from multiple IoT-enabled sources regardless of brand or technology.


The CORTIX platform is hosted in the cloud, pulling in all data and streamlining it while reducing the need for on-site equipment.

Industry Contextualized

Understanding that all sites are different, the CORTIX platform uses artificial intelligence to contextualize data based on industry, building type and the different spaces within the buildings.


The CORTIX platform is supported by a growing range of applications including worklist management, weather feed integration, automated demand response and more.

Start Getting Results

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The CORTIX platform was conceived, designed and developed by EcoEnergy Insights. As a Carrier company, EcoEnergy Insights leverages a combination of advanced software and expert human analytics to uncover insights and use them to achieve results across sites, multiple industries and a range of geographies.

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